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After School Art workshops at Vashti Taverner Art Therapy in 2021

I will be running an after school workshop for young people aged 11 and up in term 1, 2021. This is a very small group workshop, limited to 4 participants, designed to promote improved mental health through art activities. This workshop is eligible for Creative Kids vouchers. Additional workshops may be available on request.

picture of zines and art materials
Zines and journaling

Participants will create art responses during each session to compile into a “Zine” or journal. This will help participants establish a visual arts practice which they can maintain both to explore issues that are impacting them on a daily basis and use to further develop their ideas for artworks. These sessions will offer students the opportunity to experiment with a range of different visual art materials. Each session will involve participants building a stronger sense of self through discussing positive strategies for improved mental health to build resilience, self-confidence and self-esteem. Discussion will be followed by an exploration of how visual artists have expressed related concepts and an art making activity in which participants express their personal response. Sessions will be facilitated by a master’s qualified and registered Art Therapist and Educator. For more details about the program please contact Vashti Taverner or you can book online .

Want to know more about zines? Check out this article from The Conversation.

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