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Art Therapy Workshop for Brain Injury Awareness Week

I was recently invited to do a workshop for the Synapse Peer to Peer Support Group as part of their Brain Injury Awareness Week activities.

Synapse are one of the leading support providers for people with acquired brain injury so it was an honour to be invited, all the more so as I have spent many years working with people who have experienced acquired brain injury.

The focus of the workshop was Support. We explored the different meanings of support for each person in the workshop and each participant completed an art response about what support meant to them.

If you would like to see some of the art responses you can follow the link below. This will take you to a news article published by Synapse about the workshop and showcasing some of the art responses.

Some of the causes of acquired brain injury include:

  • road accidents (motor vehicle, pedestrian and bike)

  • falls

  • stroke

  • hypoxia (lack of oxygen)

  • drug and alcohol related misuse

  • infection

  • tumour

  • degenerative conditions

If you would like more information about acquired brain injury visit the Synapse website, they have a huge range of resources:

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