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I think Art Therapy is for me but what does it look like?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

The truth is it will vary depending on individual needs and the therapist. In my practice I travel to visit clients or I have a studio where people can visit me depending on what suits their circumstances.


Home visits

When I travel to visit people in their homes or elsewhere in the community, I bring a suitcase full of art materials with me along with a drop sheet so we can make art without worrying about making a mess!


The Art Studio

When people visit my studio I have a big table set up to work at with an even bigger variety of art materials.

I also have a more intimate space for quiet talking and contemplation.

and a tranquil garden to enjoy!


The Art Part

When I meet a new client we might talk about what it is that brings them to Art Therapy and set some goals for us to work towards. Other times people aren't sure and we might just make some art and see what happens.

Some people are familiar with art materials and how to express themselves visually while for others I may spend time helping them to learn about the materials and how to express themselves visually.

Art Therapy is not about the end product it is about the process involved in making it thus you don't need experience using art materials to participate.

The image here is an example of an object made during art therapy, a "box animal". It was made using disposable packaging. I call it the Resourceful Horse as each of the compartments contains useful items. Through making an object such as this we can think about our identity what our values are and our strengths. The process of making an object such as this also helps us develop skills such as problem solving which in turn increases our sense of self-confidence and resilience. Talking about the object and it's meaning to another person adds a further dimension to the process by helping us solidify these thoughts and images.

The process of Art Therapy is very different for each person and is tailored according to their needs.

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