Developed by Art Therapists, Viva Vayspap and Vashti Taverner, The Dala Papers aim to make the benefits of mindful colouring in accessible to all.


The Dala Papers utislise a unique design with tactile, embossed or raised edges to increase accessibility for people with visual impairment or reduced fine motor control.


Mandalas have been used to promote mindfulness in many cultures around the world. Cathy Malchiodi, a leading art therapist, cites Jung as being credited with introducing the concept of Mandala to Western thought.


Therapeutic benefits

Mindful colouring in has many positive mental health and well-being outcomes, including:

  • Engaging in meaningful activity, increasing confidence and wellbeing through a sense of achievement
  • Meditative, through allowing the mind to wander while engaged in the repetitive and soothing action of colouring
  • As mandalas are broken down into smaller components it is easier to complete, step by step, enabling us to feel a sense of achievement from completing a task
  • Working on a prepared design reduces some of the challenges involved in creating your own design making it a more relaxing experience.


Package contents:

Each pack contains 6 sheets. The paper is of very high quality and is available in a rage of stocks, suited to different art media.

Light weight: 2 x 150 gsm A4. Suitable for coloured pencil.

Medium weight: 2 x 250 gsm A4. Suitable for coloured markers, textas and acrylic paint.

Rough, cotton rag: 2 x 300 gsm A4. Suitable for watercolour paint.



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The Dala Papers