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Growth and change. Transformation through creativity.

I heart Art Therapy Vashti Taverner Art Therapist

We each have creativity within us ... it may take different forms. For some of us it is daydreaming, for others listening to music, drawing, reading a book or going for a walk and taking in the beauty of nature. 

Art therapy doesn't require you to have any experience, just a willingness to try. 

Art therapy is for everyone!

  • Professionals

  • Adults

  • Families

  • Young people

  • Children

Art therapy can invoke change on many different levels:

  • Visual or other expression of ideas, feelings or experiences which are difficult to put into words.

  • Increasing self confidence and esteem through learning new skills and ways to express ourselves.

  • Learning new ways to manage challenges confronting us in our lives.

  • Reducing stress and tension through the act of creating.

ANZACATA The Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Art Therapies Association Member
I heart NDIS
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