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Art Therapy Services


Individuals seek art therapy, as they would counselling or psychology, to help with challenges facing them in their daily lives. This may include mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression, work challenges or maintaining healthy relationships. Individual sessions are usually for one hour, once a week. Some people may find six to eight sessions sufficient while others may prefer fortnightly or monthly sessions and they may want to continue with art therapy for a longer period of time. I work with each individual to help them identify what is right for them. Sessions can be provided via video conference or face to face. I am available to visit people at home or elsewhere in the community.


Art therapy groups can help people feel less isolated by connecting with other people, talking about concerns in their lives and learning that they are not alone in their experiences. The creative process reduces tensions that people may find in individual therapy or talking therapy groups by allowing people to talk about the artwork and imagery they have created which is less confronting but no less imbued with meaning. Art therapy groups usually have four to ten participants, sessions are one and a half to two hours and run for eight weeks. Groups can be developed to work with a particular mental health concern, for example, reducing stress and anxiety, coping with grief and loss, developing healthy relationships. Groups can be developed using a particular psycho-therapeutic approach for example, psycho-educational, cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy. Creative therapy groups are also an effective approach for professionals and organisations to examine workplace practice and employee satisfaction and retention, build productive teams and brainstorm for strategic planning. I can run small groups of three to four participants via video conference. 

An example of artwork created in an art therapy session.

Families and couples 

Sometimes people need help in their relationships with loved ones. Art therapy can provide a way to learn different approaches to express and communicate within a family group or couple. Art therapy can be particularly helpful for engaging young people and children in the process. Family and couple therapy may involve a combination of group and individual sessions. This enables the therapist to become familiar with both the individuals and the group dynamics. Group sessions may be one to two hours depending upon the number of individuals involved. 


For NDIS participants, Art Therapy is invoiced as a Capacity Building support under line item 15_056_0128_1_3: Assessment Recommendation, Therapy And/or Training - Art Therapy, at the rate of $193.99 per hour.

Rates may vary depending on the type of service required and the location. Please contact me and I will help you come up with the best solution for your unique situation.

Government Schemes: National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) & Lifetime Care and Support (LTCS)

Art therapy is eligible for funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Lifetime Care and Support. I can support you to apply for funding for art therapy through both NDIS and LTCS.


Anyone can make a referral, please contact me to discuss your situation.

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